jamesbulpin_profile_shot_20160525_427x640I’m James Bulpin and this is my personal blog. I’m interested in a number of things that involve automation or interfacing in some way; this blog is my way to record and share some of what I’m up to. You can find me on Twitter as @jamesbulpin.

A bit of history: I’m originally from the rural southwest of England. I came to Cambridge in 1999 to study Computer Science and ended up staying here to get a PhD in the area of computer operating systems and then joining a start-up called XenSource that later got acquired by Citrix. I’ve been through a number of roles at both XenSource and Citrix and I’m now responsible for architecture and technology direction for XenServer as well as being active in a number of cross-product integration initiatives, including in my capacity as a number of our CTO Office.

Outside of work you can find me walking (or “hiking” for my American friends) – my favourite spots being long distance footpaths such as the London LOOP or Macmillan Way, and UK and US national parks – building my N-gauge model railway, or keeping my piloting skills vaguely current by flying my simulated jet using Microsoft Flight Simulator. Between all of that I can often be found enjoying a real ale or craft beer in a pub somewhere.