A Homage to Octoblu.

As you may have seen today Citrix announced that going forward the company will no longer focus on building its own IoT platform, rather, it will focus on applying IoT technology to other Citrix initiatives, and using existing IoT platforms to do so. Although there is a very bright future for IoT in Citrix (there are a number of exciting things in the pipeline I can’t talk about here), sadly this means that the freely available octoblu.com IoT platform service will be closed down in 30 days.

Those who know me or follow me on Twitter will know that I’m a big fan of Octoblu. I started playing with the technology soon after Citrix acquired Octoblu three years ago and I was hooked. In the last year or so I’ve had the opportunity to get more deeply involved with the Octoblu team and our Workspace IoT products and services. I’ve been inspired by the platform itself, what can be done with it, and with the enthusiasm, pragmatism, innovative style and friendliness of the Octoblu engineering team. I’ve learned a lot from the Octoblu team about how to develop scalable, cloud-native services using modern devops and CI/CD tools and techniques. Octoblu was also my introduction to Node.js (which I use in all sorts of places now) and CoffeeScript (which I still don’t really get on with 🙂 ).

Over the years I’ve used Octoblu in so many ways:

I’ve been fortunate enough to present a number of Octoblu and IoT sessions at various events, including:

and to produce demos for others’ presentations:

  • A Slack interface to ShareFile
  • An IoT chatbot using Slack to troubleshoot meeting room AV
  • Various Amazon Alexa demos controlling slideshows, launching apps via Citrix Receiver, and other stuff
  • and more!

I’ve loved using the online interactive designer to create some really powerful flows with no, or very little, coding. See below for a gallery of some of my favourites.

It is thanks to Octoblu, Chris Matthieu, and the entire Octoblu team that I’ve had these opportunities and gained these perspectives – without you I’d never have done any of this. For that, I thank you all.

Hack the planet!








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